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I had 4 OnePlus devices and personally OnePlus 5 was the best phone ever made but in recent years OnePlus is making some questionable decisions.

I was super pissed when they included OnePlus account in the UI and when they started launching 6 phones a year, i just knew in my heart that OnePlus software team won’t be able to catch up.

Take OnePlus 9R for example, its July 2022 and its still on Android 12, while phones almost half that price already on Android 13.

I switched to Motorola for Stock Android Experience, Good bye OnePlus



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I assisted friends out of poverty, bad marriages, home evictions, and family feuds. Helped them with my last dollar and when the time comes for repayment I end up being the immoral guy for asking for my own money back. Most of the time they don’t have it and even if they do they have the next expenditure coming.

The thing is don’t believe in taking interest or any favors.

The situation is now I need to collect nearly 170,000$ from my friends and it’s mental harassment asking them for money. To avoid these drawbacks in the future, I won’t be loaning anything not even a buck.



I have difficulty talking, unable to control mouth moments properly. I used to be so flawless while talking, Now I can barely speak up the words.

Can’t sleep properly max sleep is about 2 hours. that's keeping me in worse mood and restless whole day.

Today after few months i tried coding and my hands was shaking little while moving mouse, well this is strange and definitely reduced my work productivity.

But despite all this, m not gonna give up and keep building companies and software that's gonna change world for good.



Cloudflare is already boast hundreds of tools for web development and web delivery. But things are getting more and more interested, Cloudflare is focusing on development, deployment, analytics, indexing, firewall and more.

Just checked Crawler Hints by Cloudflare, I am in love with tech.

Other big thing is recent adding of email routing, Cloudflare is slowly becoming all in one stop for web masters.




How many polygon nodes do we have ?

Whats the specs on them ?

Why a organisation is running so called decentralised network ?

Can you run POLYGON NODE ?

Can polygon be stopped by devs ?

How much supply is being private sold to big investors ?

Why network has hash txn drop ratio ?