Telegram might run out of space in 5 years

Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

Telegram is big player in social media apps for me personally its the only app I ever use for personal and work related reasons.

What's the problem ?

Data storage needs are breaking record every year, and by judging by current telegram policies the unlimited storage thing is going to bloat telegram servers soon. I personally estimate 5 years at max before they need like billions of dollars just to store user data.

How they can fix it ?

Since telegram already has a default account purge that deletes account if its been inactive, but the groups and and channels live on in dark digital limbo.

Well the only way I see that happening is telegram going P2P or have a expire timer for content and message ( example all message older than 3 years deleted ).

Lets see how it turns out in few years..




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Aman Singh Katal

Aman Singh Katal

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